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Pitty Intense Vinyl

Puff HTV Bundle

Puff HTV Bundle

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Puff HTV is a unique HTV that "puffs" up from the garment when heat is applied, giving you an awesome, 3D Effect! This bundle includes 9 (12x12) Sheets of Stahl's Heat Transfer Vinyl

All Puff HTV

Red, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Gold, Apple Green, Neon Blue, Purple, Black, and White

And every color will be labeled so it's easy to reorder the exact color you need!


  • Designed to only press once - Repeated applications will
    “flatten” the puff effect, and it will not stick.
  • Apply Easy Puff last when used with other materials.

Product Instructions:

Temperature: 280F
Time:  8-10 Seconds 
Pressure: Firm

  • Cut glossy side up
  • FIRM pressure - 1 press is all it needs
  • Warm peel
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